I’m an easy guy to please. Whenever I visit a new city, I tend to “fall in love”. However, I normally don’t happen to love cities for the same reasons. Krakow in particular made me fall in love for so many different reasons.


During my four days in Krakow, I was literally running around the city, visiting one coffee shop after the other. I don’t think I’m kidding when I say I got more addicted to caffeine than I was when I arrived in Krakow, which is saying a lot. However, my caffeine addiction wasn’t for nothing, because, like the good travel blogger I am, I can now give you guys tips on the best cafés in Krakow.


If you are into coffee shops with dim lightning, plants everywhere and amazing cakes as well as coffees, head over to cafe Botanica. It is located near the main square and makes for a great stop between all the sightseeing. I particularly enjoyed ordering the mini hamburger for lunch and the red velvet cake for dessert.

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During my stay in Krakow, I started craving vegan food and raw food cakes. I pulled my oldest trick in the sleeve, which is asking the receptionist where I can find the best vegan café in Krakow. The overly excited girl at the reception told me to go to Cakester café and try the vegan pancakes, which I did. From the rainbow-colored walls, comfy chairs and healthy food choices, Cakester did not disappoint. Try the vegan pancakes or one of the many delicious and welcoming cakes, bring a book or meet a friend and enjoy a nice coffee break.

krakow 4


I had some time to kill on my last day in Krakow and since the weather was anything but nice, I decided to spend my last hours at Bunkier café, the perfect place to people watch, read a good book or catch up with a friend while you have the best coffee in whole of Krakow. Bunkier café has transparent walls which are open in warm weather, and lowered when it’s cooler, so you are basically having a coffee outside in every season.



The market square in Krakow is the biggest in Europe in addition to being an UNESCO world heritage. This is the place where everything from food markets to street performances happen. If you are traveling in the cold season, sit outdoors and let yourself be warmed up by the outdoor fireplaces in one of the many restaurants or bars you can chose from. Just sit back, relax and watch the world go by.

krakow 2


Poland is one of the cheapest countries to travel in Europe. Krakow in particular has been chosen as fifth cheapest city to travel by The Telegraph. Whether you want to visit museums, use the transportation system or splurge on a better dinner, Krakow lets you do that without breaking the bank.



Traveling alone as a black person in Europe is not always easy. Whenever planning a trip to a certain country or city, there is this underlying fear of being discriminated against. Though I am unapologetically proud of my dark skin and big afro hair, I can’t control what others think of me or how they see me. Whenever I touch down in a new city, how the locals welcome me to their city is a major deciding factor when deciding if I love a city or not.

Though I was the only black person in sight, the locals of Krakow never made me feel like I was out of place. Sure, I have gotten the looks of curiosity here and there, but that, to me, is one of those things you have to expect when traveling to a place where seeing a dark skinned person is not the norm.

I enjoyed my stay in Krakow, but would have loved to stay even longer. Between the welcoming locals, the sights and the coffee shops around every corner, Krakow is definitely a city I would love to live in the future.

Have you ever been to krakow?

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