After an eventful week, there is nothing better than enjoying a great movie by yourself, with family members or with friends. Take your blankets to the living room, find your favorite snacks and cozy it up on the sofa. Today I have for you three different movies that are perfect for the weekend.


our souls at night

This movie is just wonderful and is just feel good from start to finish. All I could think while watching it was for there not to be any unnecessary drama to ruin this wonderful story. Our Souls At Night is about two elderly and incredibly goodhearted people, Addie and Louis. They have been neighbors for as long as they can remember, and they have both been single for a long time. Loneliness among the elderly is a well-known problem in today’s society, and it is so heart wrenching that so many people has to go through it. Louis is one of those people. He cooks for one, does the dishes alone and goes to sleep at night alone. His only contact with other people is at the mall and having basic conversation with acquaintances at the local diner. Addie is lonely as well so one day she knocks on Luis’s door with a simple question; would you like to sleep over sometime? It’s not about sex, but rather having someone to have a meaningful conversations with because they both feel loneliest at night. Louis accepts and that is the start of an incredible and touching friendship.

I loved this movie and was just smiling from ear to ear during the whole time. The topic it touches on is also very important and we can all use to be reminded that loneliness is a big problem among our elderly’s.

our s.PNG


walter mitty 4

Everyone who has a 9-5 lifestyle knows the struggle of daydreaming about escaping it all and venturing on great adventures around the world. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, directed by and starring Ben stiller, is just about that, daydreaming about experiencing amazing adventures. Walter Mitty is basically the biggest daydreamer out there and has the ability to zone out in the middle of conversations. Whenever he is daydreaming, he is imagining escaping his life, doing adventurous things and getting the woman of his dreams. Walter is a coworker at this magazine called Life where his job is to processes negatives of photos. One day he is send a set of 25 negatives. However, the only problem is that Walter has received 24 negatives and the last one, which is also the most important one, is missing. That particular negative contains the cover photo of Life magazine’s last print publication. On his quest to find the missing negative, Walter sets out on a crazy adventure to find the photographer and suddenly goes from this ordinary man who hasn’t really experienced anything amazing during his lifetime, to jumping from helicopters in Greenland, running from volcanoes in Iceland and trekking forbidden lands in Afghanistan. The best thing about this movie is how amazing the visuals are. This is an amazing movie that definitively will give you a break from the 9-5 grind and fill you with wanderlust. I have never wanted more to visit Iceland after watching this movie

walter mitty 2_edited



This movie is probably one of my favorite movies of all time. It is rarely that a movie is so good that I forget to pick up my phone during, but this one did it for me. The movie is about Joy who was kidnapped as a 17-year-old by a man who is referred to as Nick. While in captivity, Joy is impregnated by her kidnapper and has a son called Jack. He is 5 years old when the movie starts, and in order to protect him from the truth, Joy fabricates a story for Jack about how the room is the only place that exist. The bond between mother and son is strong and Jack turns out to be a happy and very smart boy. As long as Nick was providing enough supplies for Joy and Jack to survive, Joy was willing to not attend to escape so she wouldn’t lose her son. However, Nick starts to stop providing their vitamins, electricity etc, because he has lost his job and can’t afford electricity and food for them. For Joy and Jack to survive, they have to go through with a seemingly impossible task, escape from the room

room 2.PNG

I hope you all have a great weekend with your loved ones. If you decide to watch one of the movies, share with me your thoughts. Also if you have movie tips for me, share them on the comments.

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